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"I started using thefoodanalysts a couple of months ago and they set up a macro plan specifically for me. Since then - I’ve lost the fat that wouldn’t shift and it was easy.. I just take pics of my food and send it to them like I would my friend and they track it all. protein, fat, carbs - the sugar I consume - I never realized how much sugar was in my foods, even when I thought it was low fat and healthy. I tried eating meal plans but I got so bored of eating the same stuff and microwaving ready meals from a cool bag... the food analysts give me all the advice and info I need to make my own decisions about what to eat. Trust me, it works, because it’s simple maths, tailored to your body and your lifestyle. For 10 dollars a month, to have all that info and advice by your side... it’s a bargain, And your body will thank you for it."

Christopher Purslove, UK

"I've been lifting for over 2 years now, and have tried more than 15 diets 'to cut'. None of them lasted until I registered with It's now been 55 days and I have already lost 10Kgs so far. Having my macros managed so carefully and my cheat days pre-planned, it’s like having a dietician around you 24/7. I have also started to take care of my health in general, rather than just to look good. I would recommend The Food Analysts to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life for the better. Unlike restrictive diet plans that require you to always eat boring food, our service lets you eat the food you love and still stay within your macros. They count your macros (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and give constant guidance to torch your body fat and restore a healthy relationship with food."

Somesh Yadav, India

"I have had a great experience with The Food Analysts. Despite signing up for multiple apps counting calories and tracking steps, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Having a group of knowledgeable and thoughtful people out there for you counting macros and keeping you honest about the decisions you are taking has been tremendous. It’s so nice to have a support group for when you naturally will want that piece of cake or that party night out - they don't judge and help get you back on track with gentle reminders and encouraging messages. Will be continuing this journey with them :) "

Rasha Altidoka, UAE

"As a personal trainer, I would have all my clients send photos of their food to me individually for approval! They all now just send their daily reports from @thefoodanalysts and are educating themselves in the process. Food Analysts has made such a difference to all my clients and I can now pin point exactly why certain clients lose more weight than others."

Micheal Joseph, Personal Trainer, Dubai

"Thank You Team Food Analysts. Though it hasn’t been long since I started using the programme, I have learnt how portion size actually matters and why the right balance of proteins, fats and carbs is necessary in your meals. I can now make informed choices of food. The result- my weight is dropping gradually without me feeling any kind of weakness. Thank you for your guidance and I appreciate all your efforts. I am enjoying this journey :) "

Pratima Maharana, India

"Very helpful especially for someone who can't keep up with where their diet is going and since diet is most important in any body transformation, these guys are super helpful. Breaking down my food's nutritional properties tells me what to eat next time and what to avoid (unlike blindly following a diet plan). This has made me understand how food works at a whole new level!!! "

Wajih Zafar, UK

"Signing up to the food analysts has changed my life for the better. I am a lot more conscious of what I am eating and have felt a lot more energized. I have even managed to lose 5kgs just through their support and advice. I recently became a vegan which I thought would be challenging but with the Food Analysts guidance I have managed to find plant-based protein alternatives which are delicious and healthy. Eating now is a pleasure now that I know what is right for my body."

Alison codling, UAE

"I am very happy with the service I get from The Food Analysts. They always go the extra mile to fulfill my ambition and make my life easier with my food choices. I have tried many other websites and programmes but The Food Analysts has been the best one for me. I would recommend the programme to everyone - It’s a world class service. "

Manish Chettri, UK

"The Food Analysts" is an efficient and an amazing concept to track food intake and calculate macros. A highly dedicated team monitoring round the clock, helps me keep track of what I eat on a day to day basis. The reports that I receive, after each meal, and the tips shared by the "Fantastic" Team has helped me a lot to make healthy changes in my diet and take a step closer to attain my goals. Simple, effective and with a 24*7 support it's better than having a personal dietitian. Thank you team Food Analysts. Kudos! "

Manoranjan Mishra, India