How to use The Food Analysts

The Food Analysts is the easiest, most effective and personalised food coaching service available to you for as low as USD19.99 a month! We are not an App, we are a team of nutrition experts on WhatsApp, live 24/7 - ready to analyse every meal that you eat and give you the advice and push necessary to hit perfect macros every day. Our macro-nutrients based model goes the extra mile to calculate the exact amount of fats, carbs and proteins that you need to lose weight or gain muscle - whatever your goal is. We don’t rely on stringent and strict diet plans; instead we want you to enjoy the food you love while making sure that it fits your daily ‘macros’. You can now forget about eating only broccoli and chicken! Eat the food you love, and send us your meals on WhatsApp. We will analyse every single meal, make sure you stay within your macros, and help transform your body.

The best part of our service is the level of personalisation involved. Your dedicated coaches will start by calculating your daily ‘macros’, based on your physical stats, goal and level of activity. Your coach will tell you exactly how many grams of proteins, fats and carbs you need to consume daily to achieve your goal. Once this is done, you will be required to send us pictures of your meals every time you eat, along with a short description. Your coach will analyse each meal, calculate its macro content, and send you a report in real time. The report will tell you what you have consumed and what is left to reach your goal. If you go off-track, your coach will tell you and will occasionally suggest alternative foods to ensure you stay within your macros by the end of the day. HIs goal is to make sure that you enjoy the food you love, while ensuring that you reach your goal as quickly as possible.

We use the worlds largest verified nutrition database and the largest grocery database in the world. This is accessed by over 5m consumers each month. On average, the database gets an additional 3000 grocery items added every month. Pair that with our team who are trained to identify foods from around the world , and recognise portion sizes - you're all set !

Once you sign up and complete your payment online, you will receive a welcome email from us. Within 24 hours, you will receive a message from us on Whatsapp and you can then send us your first meal! Remember, the more information you share with us about food, the more accurate your report will be. However, we know that your time is precious, so we will always do our best to estimate your portion sizes or food items.

Here are some tips and examples on how to get the best from us:

Helpful tips

Always add a short description of the meal and the portion size when you send a photo. It helps us to analyze the food and to convert it into nutritional info correctly.

Pictures of buffet items or large casseroles reduce the level of accuracy when we calculate nutritional data. Mention the portion size in your description to improve accuracy.

When sending a picture of a hot beverage, remember to add a description. Sugar and milk change the calorific value and impact the accuracy of our reports.