The Food Analysts are a passionate group of professionals that help clients count their macros like never before. We are smarter than any app or any website, because our service is powered by real people


We offer a one-on-one personal service for everyone from bodybuilders to every-day health-conscious individuals. We generate nutrition reports with a human touch to help our members achieve their fitness goals, whether they want to lose a few pounds or train for a body building competition. We make the process of calorie-counting simple, straightforward and rewarding.

We use the worlds largest verified nutrition database and the largest grocery database in the world. This is accessed by over 5m consumers each month. On average, the database gets an additional 3000 grocery items added every month. Pair that with our team who are trained to identify foods from around the world , and recognise portion sizes - you're all set !

The company is incorporated in the UAE, but with our smart online service, we can provide a global service, 24/7.

Our registered address is: The Food Analysts FZE, Al Smookh Building, UAQ Free trade zone, UAE.