General questions

Sign up on our website with an active WhatsApp number, your dedicated 24x7 team of food analysts and nutritionists will open your permanent chat room with you on whatsapp. We then calculate your unique macro targets in grams of protein, fats and carbohydrates using your physical stats, goal and level of activity. All you have to do is send us pictures of your food on WhatsApp, and your food coach will break the food down into macros. We will then send you a report back on WhatsApp, with a table showing how much carbs, fats, sugars and proteins you have consumed and remaining for the day. Our food coaches will also add their qualitative input and motivate you to plan your next meal and hit perfect macros.
Not a problem. Even if you miss clicking pictures you can give us a small description of the meal you are consuming. Like having ½ cup of dry oats with 1 cup of skim milk and 2 slices of bread and 1 banana.
We will provide an End of Day report that will summarize your entire day’s food consumption with real time progressive graphs along with calorie and macro consumption for the previous days as well.
Yes you will. Every time you have a meal, just send us a photo/description and we will get you a report for it. Be it half a cup of tea or a full English breakfast anytime 24X7.
Macros are the nutrients that the body needs in large amounts- Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. Whilst keeping a small calorie deficit everyday may help, we believe that eating the right amount of proteins, carbs and fats everyday is the most important part of the puzzle. Calculating your ideal proportion of fats, proteins and carbs can be tough, but this is where our role comes in. We help you reach your targets in shortest time with our meal suggestions, detailed reports, constant monitoring and tracking of your food intake to make sure you remain focused throughout.
We calculate your calorie requirement and the macro distribution based on your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR- calculated using your height, weight, age, gender), activity and goal.
We interact on whatsapp like a friend would. So we provide comments 24/7 to share analysis of your meals, ideas to improve them, recipes as per your goal and tweaks in your own food that you are comfortable having.
Based on the description provided along with a photo of the meal, our reports are accurate 95% of the time. For even more accuracy we will have to send the food to the lab to calculate it. Which is not where food is supposed to go.
We don't offer diet plans. We help people with the food which they usually have, can afford, love and access easily. To hit your goal - you just need to hit your macros (Right amount of carbs, proteins, fats) and you don't need a diet plan for this. Diet plans are an old concept for when nutritional labeling data + nutritional database were not available. Nowadays - with database like ours, we can breakdown your own food and check if you are on track to hit your macros.
The team of food analysts and nutritionists that you see in the WhatsApp group is familiar with all types of global cuisines and our database is backed with more than 618,000 food items with more than 135,000 restaurant, pubs and cafés menus. So if you eat it! We will analyze it!
Our teams are qualified, trained and experienced in the field of nutrition, fitness and wellness, having a cumulative experience of more than 20+ years in helping people achieve their desired fitness goals.
You don’t need to weigh your food every time you eat. Just describe it to us in plates, bowls, cups, spoons or even fists.
Unlike traditional calorie counters we are a Human Powered Macro Calorie Counter that will help you in achieving your health goals. The Food Analysts has been set up to take the headache out of calorie counting, guiding, motivating and assisting you all day. It offers a simple way for people to track their diet on whatsapp. Rather than having to manually input each meal or food item unlike other apps and services, The Food Analysts do it for you! We are a food coach. We will tweak your eating habits, make live suggestions, advice and help in eating better. We do this by educating you to make intelligent choices about food by helping you know what's in the food, the right portion and time of consumption taking into consideration your lifestyle and fitness goals. The aim is to make our customer experience the transformation of their body by not compromising on health in anyway.
With our expert nutritionists with you 365 days, 24X7, we will be keeping a track of your daily food intakes and help you with suggestions, meal improvements, food tips and tweaks that will help you reach your goal. Our live chats, meal reminders, myth busters will guide you in these. Think of us as your Food Coaches that are going to help you towards your health goal in ways you are most comfortable with.
Our clients lose/gain around 0.7 to 1 kg per week.
You can log in to your account at and edit your profile. From your health details to change in activity level or fitness goal you can edit it all. You can even ask your team on WhatsApp for further assistance if required.
You can make your subscription payments through any valid debit or credit card by Visa or Master Card. You can even ask your team of nutritionists and food analysts on WhatsApp for our online banking details.
The payment gateway is secured by Telr Payment. It is a verified and secured payment portal that does not save or export your personal or card details. So rest assured about paying for your subscription from your card.
Yes, we do have a referral programme for our premium members. We provide discounts, extension in service, free trials in our policy. Just ask your food analyst or nutritionist in your WhatsApp group and they will update you with the current offers.
We employ real people to coach you, and have capacity constraints on taking new memberships based on the number of existing customers we have. As you would expect, we still have to pay salaries even if your membership is frozen. For this reason, we do not have a membership freeze option.
You can renew your membership once it expires. Since we do not store your card details, you can make payment from any of the payment modes mentioned.
The membership is not transferable.
We do not have an auto debit option. We want you to have the option to renew the membership and select the plan of your liking.
Although this rarely happens, please get in touch with your WhatsApp team and they will help you resolve the issue in 2-4 business days.